Echolink/Allstart updated now operational

Jerry N5FWB and Terry KA5TBB successfully finished the installation of the W5RRR 2m Echolink/AllStar node last night.

This constitutes a major update since the AllStar implementation provides significant improvement to the voice quality clarity.
N5FWB took the lead and worked above and beyond to acquire the new node equipment and integrate them into the working system.
KA5TBB provided interface and integration engineering for connection to his ethernet network, replacing the old echo link PC configuration.
Kudos to Jerry and Terry.
Please join the Tuesday 7:00pm W5RRR net on 146.640MHz (tone 123 Hz) to witness the awesome enhanced capability.

2 thoughts on “Echolink/Allstart updated now operational”

    • Hi Carl-
      Yes, this was also brought up during last night’s 2m net. Might be an artifact of our conversion prior to Allstar. N5FWB is investigating to see if we can regain visibility of the callsigns vs coded numbers Dave W5OC


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