NASA On the Air

NOTA 2023 Scheduled Events

2023 Co-chairs: Jayant Ramadrishnan KG5LJZ/JSC and Michael Seay WA4ECT/KSC

MonthAnniversaryHistoric DateSuggested NOTA ops WeekendEventSignificance
Feb1st2/26/232/25-26SpaceX Crew-6 missionHams aboard
Mar65th3/17/583/18-19Vanguard 1Oldest manmade object still in orbit
Apr1stTBD Boeing CST-1001st Boeing Commerical Crewed Vehicle
May50th5/13/735/13-14Skylab Launch1st US Space Station 
June40th6/18- 24/83 6/17-18Sally Ride STS-7 1st US Woman in Space
Aug40th8/30-9/5/838/26-27Guy Bluford STS-81st African-American in Space
Sep10th9/6/139/9-10LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer ) small spacecraft launchConsequential Ames led small spacecraft launch of newengineering and technology.
Oct65th10/1/589/30-10/1NASA begins operationEisenhower signs NASA into existence in response to Sputnik crisis
Nov30th11/17/9311/18-19Announcement of International Partnership to build the International Space StationUnprecedented collaboration across international partners; Boeing is prime contractor
Dec55th12/21-27/6812/23-24Apollo 81st crewed spacecraft to leave LEO and to moon.

Every year, the consortium of 12 NASA centers activate their respective NASA amateur radio club stations to support a year long operating event called NOTA (NASA On The Air).  NOTA’s objective is to foster collaboration among NASA ham radiostations to interact with the amateur radio communityopportunity by commemorate significant milestones in NASA space history. W5RRR, the JSCARC station, is an active participant of NASA On the Air (NOTA). 

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NASA Centers Amateur Clubs

  • Ames Research Center (ARC) NA6MF — California
  • Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) NA6SA — California
  • Glenn Research Center (GRC) NA8SA — Ohio
  • Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) WA3NAN — Maryland
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) W6VIO — California
  • Johnson Space Center (JSC) W5RRR – Texas
  • Kennedy Space Center (KSC) N1KSC — Florida
  • Langley Research Center (LARC) KG4NJA — Virginia
  • Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) NN4SA — Alabama
  • Stennis Space Center (SSC) N5SSC — Mississippi
  • Wallops Flight Facility (WWF) W4WFF — Virginia
  • White Sands Complex/Mesilla Valley Radio Club(MVRC) N5BL — New Mexico


NOTA operating events have previously included:

2017            45th Anniversary of Apollo 17

2018            60th Anniversary of the NASA agency,     50th Anniversary of Apollo 8

2019            50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

2020            50th Anniversary of Apollo 13

2021            50th Anniversary of Apollo 17

2022            50th Anniversary of Apollo 16,      1st Launch of Artemis-1