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Welcome to the The Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club (JSCARC) site.  We are located at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) approximately 25 miles southeast of downtown Houston, Texas. Our mission is to actively provide and promote STEAM outreach, emergency operations, mission support, and public service for NASA and the local communities.


W5RRR is an active participant of NASA ON THE AIR (NOTA)


Field Day 2024 is coming!!!


Lone Star Flight Museum + Ham Radio

o ANNOUNCING a significant opportunity to collaborate with the Lone Star Flight Museum.

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o JSCARC and CLARC operations on ARRL Field Day June 22-23


o May 9 JSCARC May Monthly Minutes posted

o July 6 JSCARC POTA Multi-park Roving Event, Read <HERE>

Spring 2024 Student Interns

On Thursday, April 24, Kelvin K5KGH and Jeff AB4ME conducted an Handi-Talkie (HT) orientation overview for 2 of our JSC Student Interns. This was an important lesson covering the use of their HTs and how ... Read more...

Texas State Parks On The Air (TSPOTA) 2024

Wow, what a fun weekend. TSPOTA (Texas State Parks On The Air) received lots of activity from the JSCARC as we operated April 20-21 across 5 state parks on SSB and CW. Truth be told… ... Read more...

Belton Hamfest April 2024

Belton- The biggest Hamfest in Texas didn’t disappoint. It’s been interesting to observe the ebb and flow of this Hamfest each year as different hams and vendors seem to have seasonal inventory and predilections!  For ... Read more...

3-500Z Arcing

A bit off topic for the general group, but I wanted to share a video of an arcing 3-500Z tube and a tip in troubleshooting with shorted radios/amps.(Note: the 3-500Z is a very popular compact ... Read more...

Fox Hunt for JSC Student Intern Group

With a break in the weather, 4 intrepid student interns, Zane, Issac, Arthur, and Eric participated in a special JSCARC Fox Hunt held a the JSC Gilruth center on Sunday March 24. For this event, ... Read more...

Lone Wolf JSCARC POTA #19 @ GISP

Due to sketchy weather and not much advance promotion/notice, the JSCARC POTA #19 was a one-person show by myself, W5OC. However, the weather behaved in spite of the harrowing thunderstorms earlier in the morning at ... Read more...