JSC Fox Hunt this Sunday (both 2m and 80m)

This SUNDAY Nov 20th, the JSCARC will host a combined 2m AND 80m ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) day.
2M FOX   10am-3pm
Who:  Members, family, friends, all
What: A 2m Fox Hunt broadcast on 146.565 MHz FM; a 30 second tone (with CW code W5OC identifier) will be continuously sent each minute.
When:  10:00AM to 3:00PM (assuming batteries last)
Where: A hidden 2m fox will be hidden in a tree or structure within 1.5mile of the NASA Gilruth Center
  • Use your 2m Handheld or fancier equipment from your car; park at places to get your bearings to find the fox.
  • Try to track the time it takes for you to find it and we can compare findings afterwards.
  • A RED 12″x16″ flag will be hanging in the tree (or supporting structure) to help you locate the Fox transmitter location.
  • Monitor the JSCARC W5RRR Repeater 146.640 MHz (tone 123  Hz) for updates and queries
Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 12.43.35 PM.jpeg

80M Foxes  12pm-3pm
Who:  Members, family, friends, all
What: Three 80m Foxes will be hidden inside of the NASA JSC Gilruth property
  • Fox #1   3.640 MHz
  • Fox #2   3.560 MHz
  • Fox #3   3.5795 MHz
When:  12:00PM to 3:00PM
Where: Special 80M ARDF R3500/PJ80 handheld receivers will be handed out at the JSCARC W5RRR shack
  • The ARDF R3500 has 2 knobs; Frequency and Volume
  • Each fox will be less than 800 feet from the W5RRR shack
  • Each fox will be in a tree within 20 feet of an asphalt or concrete pathway
  • Each fox will have a colored flag hung in the tree to help find it
  • I’ll be on foot rotation nearby to offer help and hints to all participants.

Dave W5OC

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