JSC Fox Hunt Summary and PIX

Great weather, and a good turn out for our first Fox Hunt in a few years.

The 2m Fox was hidden 1.5 miles away from the shack, in a tree by the front of the Clear Lake High School.

Congrats to AB5SS to be the first and fastest Hunter of this fox.  Honorable Mention goes to AG5WN and his family for using a slotted PRINGLES can as an attenuator to find the fox.

Also, three 80m Fox beacons were hidden within the Gilruth onsite boundaries by the Pavilions and by the road leading toward the exit.

KG5U, AB5SS, AB4ME and XYL (Robin) , AG5WN and family (XYL Christy,  sons Eli, Sam), W5OC, Student Intern Ravi Nagi partook in the adventures.  N5FWB and KA5TBB reported signal reception of the 2m fox from their QTH, so that means longer distance challenges to come!

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