T-Hunt Overview Part 2 (Handi-Finder)

AB5SS will kickoff a T-Hunting event for the club on May 12. He’s found a very useful Direction Finder project kit, called the HANDI-Finder, which utilizes a simple CMOS oscillator to continuously switch your Handheld FM radio between two small wire loop antennas made from wire coat hangers.  Due to this phase-difference detection scheme, by adding a small handle and turning it,  a very sharp positional null can used to help one locate a signal’s direction.   It’s a perfect small project for T-Hunting.  The current pricing is $27.95 +$6 shipping which is a nice sweet spot for a DIY project.

I just got the kit online and here are a few pix of the build up.

If you go for it, order NOW since it takes about 2 weeks for delivery.  The kit come together without issue, but depending on your junk box, you might need some help with some stiff wires for a loop antenna and also some coax line and connector to your HT radio.  You’ll also need some type of cheap handle- broomstick, roller paint holder, stick, etc.  Several of us in the club will gladly help anyone who needs any help and the extra parts just mentioned.

Check out handy-finder.com


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