T-Hunt Overview Part 1

The club will soon embrace the T-Hunting bug.  T-hunting is a term for Transmitter-hunting or “Fox Hunting”.  A secret transmitter(s) is/are hidden at an undisclosed location, and participants use their HT or other exotic devices to hunt it down. 

We’re going to hold our first T-Hunt on May 12, Saturday to kickoff this activity to the club.  John AB5SS will teach us how to how to triangulate and use direction finding techniques to zero in on a hidden transmitter.  He will then let us try our new skills on a live “fox” hidden something in the area. The T-hunt has enjoyed huge popularity across many ham clubs because it engages the members, it’s fun, and it’s encourages radio development as one trys to build better DF (direction finding) antennas, sniffers, and devices.  This truly could become a hugely popular identify of this club. Catch the fever and get ready.  We’ll confirm the details as we get closer, but tentatively we’re asking hams to show up around 10:30AM Saturday May 12 and meet at the shack.  Bring a Hand Held 2m radio, if you have one.  If not, there will be a few spares to loan out.

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