W5RRR 2m Net Traffic – 2/6/18

1. Shack refurbishment

  • Carpet pulled out
  • Tile installed – wasn’t done correctly, so N5FWB demanded a redo, which is complete
  • Tile now in place, but await proper reinstallation of baseboards and damage to drywall during their removal
  • Baseboards reinstalled, but again N5FWB has demanded rework of poor workmanship
  • Keith is requesting all-hands-on-deck to now paint the walls before reinstalling furniture
    • Bob sent out APB for painter help for Thurs- Fri
  • Will finish shack with 2 new modular desks (from MCC)
    • one will be replace satellite station, one will be Emergency Ops Center station
      • both on far fall (where IC-781 was)
    • 3 existing desks will sit side-by-side on primary wall
    • rework antenna coax patch panel onto smaller footprint

Note:  historical heavy satellite console/rack will be excessed, but we’ll take photos for historic files

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