The new (informal) DMR net

It started with Terry KG5TJT’s passion and curiosity with his new TYT980 DMR radio.  He bought one and quickly started to learn on his own. He got a few of the rest of us newbies interseted, and before you know it quite a few members have bought a DMR radio as well. 

It’s been quite apparent, that this is just the beginning of trying to learn about the very aracne world of Digital networks.  Code Plugs, Brandmeisters, Promiscus modes, keying thousands of repeaters accidently, talk groups, code codes.  Wow, this stuff is very strange.  Hence Terry and others support hosting an informal DMR 101 just 30minutes before the JSCARC 2m net.  Check it out 6:30-7:00 2m FM 146.640.  We’re lucky that the club has a few experts who have been hand holding us as well, like AB4ME.  This is the great aspect of ham radio, as other lend a helping hand to others.  I for one still do not understand how this all works, and well keep checking in to learn and share as well.  BTW, I have a DMR hot spot that needs someone to help me with, also.  I’ll be asking for advice on that one soon, too.


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