The JSCARC 2m Tuesday Nite Net- improving as we go

It’s fine time to gush over the consistent growth and participation of the 2m JSCARC Tuesday Night net.

For the regular members who religiously show up- thank you.  I remember the many nights of disappointment when only 3 members would check-in. Tuesday’s check n count are averaging around 18-20 now!

Why?  Many reasons IMHO.  Our excellent Net Control rotation has been organized and interesting.  Each NCS has been very professional yet friendly and encouraging to the online check-ins.  Each has had great personalities which encouraged others to jump in.  I recall when Stu W5STU tried to kickstart participation by changing up the format to encourage other to speak up.  He posed a weekly survey question while calling on each checkin member to respond.  Since then, we’ve seen quite a few members regularly conveying interesting traffic on their own, which makes the net much more engaging and participatory.  The quality of W5RRR traffic has been meaningful and updated with new and current information, which makes it worthwhile to listen.  Lastly, the addition of Echolink has now added a brand new dimension and extension to our reach.  With Echolink, now our members and other radio operators from outside our W5RRR repeater coverage area can checkin via devices hooked to the internet. We’re consistently seeing several new checkins from echolink each week.  Many thanks to John AB5SS who initiated this capability on his own by building up a remote station from his own QTH.  Later on we plan to build and install an updated station in the shack.  Congrats to the club for finding its rhythm and now maintaining a larger presence on Tuesday nights!

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