FLIP OR FLOP (Part 3) – The Furniture Move

KG5HOK and N5FWB led the charge to finish the day with an attempt to move the MCC styled consoles into the shack. Previously placed in holding storage in the ESTA (Energy Systems Test Area) facility (the place where KB5PGY regularly blows up flight assets- in a controlled manner of course…), the club members who just finished disassembling the ham shack console now jumped into 3 trucks and loaded up the truck beds from the ESTA garage. Heavy, heavy, heavy.

Luckily, N5FWB is a certified forklift driver and found a lift with keys, jumped in and provided the needed assist load up 3 full loads of our furniture onto our 3 trucks driven by KG5HOK, N5FWB and AB4ME. We were carefully watching the weather to avoid the rain as this furniture (as most nowadays) has composite MDF makeup, which melts when exposed to water. It was a complete mission success getting the items delivered to the shack, except the re-construction and rebuild of the furniture pieces was left for another soon-to-come adventure. Perhaps in our final blog, it will be labeled, FLIP OR FLOP (Part 4) Mission Accomplished. Please stay tuned…

Special thanks to KG5WNN, AB4ME, KG5HOK, N5FWB, W9TWJ, N8MTV, and Sophie!

View photos from the W5RRR Remodel.

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