FLIP OR FLOP (Part 2) – The satellite console

Part II (The satellite console)

On a drizzly Saturday morning Feb 10, 2018, club members came to the rescue (again) to finish up some reinstallation of electrical/ground cover plates (removed for the previous day’s painting) and the major job to dismantle our famous Apollo vintage metal cabinet which housed our current satellite station.

As with all pieces of furniture of this vintage, it was built like a tank and weighed as such. All the cabling was carefully labeled and photographed, for future reference as we carefully dismantled the radios and equipment from the rack mounts. The labeling and photos will be used when we reassemble the equipment into a new MCC-style console furniture, courtesy of AB5SS. N8MTV will be tasked with the resurrection of the equipment into a modernized dedicated ARISS/Satellite station for the W5RRR shack. Lastly, here are the last photos taken of our historical setup for our archive files, and with bitter sweet sentiment, we completed the disassembly in the interests of progress, and upgrade into the 21 century. We’re hoping this old historic frame will find a new home somewhere, as it will be provided to our internal Reutilization department onsite. Special thanks to N5FWB, AB4ME, KG5HOK, N8MTV, W9TWJ, KG5WNN, and Sophie. And thanks to Sam Miller, the Gilruth Facility Manager, who provided us the Snack Shop, as a temporary storage room.

Standby for FLIP OR FLOP (Part 3) – The Furniture Move is coming next….

View photos from the W5RRR Remodel.

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