FLIP OR FLOP (Part 1) – Painting

The W5RRR radio shack is getting a major redo and it’s almost done!

Last weekend, members, K5RG/N5FWB/AB5SS/W9TWJ/N8MTV/W5OC joined forces to have a painting party in the shack.
The shack now has a nice off-white paint job on three walls, with a fine accent wall at the front wall of the room.

Part 1: The Paint Job.

The W5RRR radio shack has gotten a new paint job which permanently embeds our rich history of famous fingerprints and smudges behind a fine double coating of Pittsburgh Manor Hall paint, courtesy of master-negotiator, Mr. Jerry Steward, N5FWB. This was another incredible group effort by club members; everyone brought a significant contribution. Ken K5RG provided painting supplies and tools, John AB5SS came up with the idea of accent walls and baseboard paint techinque, Tanner, W9TWJ brought tenacity to double/triple coat a swath of my mistakes, and Mike, N8MTV brought lunch and finishing great eyesight in the dark hallway.  Besides getting us the paint, Jerry, N5FWB brought his wife, Sheila to inspect our work.  Luckily, we hadn’t started yet so she couldn’t critique our “outstanding” work, but it sure was motivation throughout the day for us to do a good job and make Sheila proud!

The fumes made us loopy at the end, but it was worth it.
This was a real 9AM-6PM continuous effort, and boy does it look good. Yep, there’s splattering on the baseboard, ceiling, and around other trim, but its good enough for government work.

2: The Movers and Shakers – (setting up the shack) – to be continued in another blog.

View photos from the W5RRR Remodel.

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