February ARS Spartan Sprint QRP at W5RRR

On Monday, February 5th, Andy MacAllister (W5ACM) operated W5RRR in the February ARS Spartan Sprint QRP contest.

Around 8pm, operations started on 20m but by this time the band was pretty dead. So a QSY to 40m for about an hour yielded 5 QSOs. Around 9pm, a QSY to 80m put another 5 QSOs in the logbook!

10 total QSOs in the “Skinny” division.

Total score is calculated by Total QSOs/weight of rig (everything except antenna/coax).

10 / 0.144 lbs = 69.4

Rig used was a ATS-3a by Steve Weber (KD1JV).

Plans are in the words to partcipate in this contest again.

Here are a few additional pictures captured by John Maca (AB5SS) during the event.













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