50th Year Anniversary Special Event

Thank you to all stations for a wonderful event! QSL Instructions

QSL Instructions: please remember your SASE!!

12/2: 20 cards were dropped in the mail today.
11/27: Due to Sweepstakes and the holiday, I have not been able to work on the stack of QSLs; however, this Friday (12/1) I will get back to work. Thanks for being patient.
11/10: 20 more QSLs were mailed today.
11/4: A small sample size of QSOs were loaded into LoTW. We are still working to get this issued resolved.
11/3: Another batch (~60) of cards were dropped in the mail today. All confirmed eQSL requests for this event have been accepted.
10/28: First batch of cards were dropped in the mail this morning – around 200!
10/22: All QSOs have been logged! However, these contacts have not been loaded into LoTW yet.

Please be patient with us as we will work to get the cards issued out.

Check out a few photos from the shack from this event!

If you make a QSO with us and wish to QSL, please follow our QSL Instructions.

16 thoughts on “50th Year Anniversary Special Event”

  1. Absolutely loved the QSO, Tanner. Tickled pink, running 100 watts into an inverted Windom Dipole. Can’t wait to see the card. Gud luck on the 50th Anniversary Johnson Space Center Special Event. 73 John, KC4LZN.

  2. Had a brief QSO (understandably) with W5RRR via SO-50 (Saudi OSCAR 50) at about 1358z on October 14. I hope that is part of the special event activity. I’d certainly would like to get a special event QSL card. Thanks for the QSO and happy anniversary! 73 Mac, AE5PH.

  3. I was able to make it thru the pileup on 100 watts on a g5rv. As a transplanted Houstonian now up in Minnesota, It was an honor to work you guys. Happy anniversary! 73 Stephen – N5MBN

  4. I was so excited to make contact with W5RRR— David at the mic — on 10/14/17. I’ll be sending for that QSL card for sure! Thank you!!!!

  5. Thanks for the QSO. Special event stations that are interesting to my kids are hard to find but who doesn’t like SPACE? Together, we have worked N1KSC-Kennedy Space Center and DL0ESA-European Space Ops Centre. It is an honor to add Johnson Space Center to the list. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Left the radio on 14.273.00 and after a few hours the band came alive! Made a great contact to W5RRR. Thanks for the contact and thanks for the event!

  7. Just got home now, and tried on 14.273, and after the pileup of callsigns, I called /QRP. I am running LD-11 LNR precision QRP radio 6 watts thru alexloop, and got thru, from INSIDE MY HOUSE!!!! 🙂

    I tried a few times yesterday(outside on endfed antenna), but 20M didn’t seems to be as loud/clear as today. Thanks for QSO Tanner, you’re 5/9 and excellent audio.

    Congrats on special event 50yrs.


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