50th Anniversary Special Event Photos

Here’s a video that was compiled by Ray Jensen (AC5KD) from the action on Saturday: https://youtu.be/fLQKrLft8Yg

Pictured throughout the video are: Ray, Anna Jensen (KD5DYQ), Phil Pierce (KD5GKE), Jerry Steward (N5FWB), Tanner Jones (W9TWJ).

Below are a few pictures from our 50th Anniversary Special Event from October 13th through October 15th.

John (AB5SS) works the satellites on Friday night.
John (AB5SS) and Tanner (W9TWJ) take a quick break from the action on Friday night.
Keith (KG5HOK) working a pile up on 20m Sunday morning.
Tanner (W9TWJ) working 40m on Friday night.
Tanner (W9TWJ) working 20m on Saturday.
Tanner (W9TWJ) working 40m early on Friday afternoon.