The 40m Wet Noodle

The club has acquired a Cushcraft D40 40m rotatable dipole!

The good news:

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s lightweight (16lbs)
  • It’s received good review from eham users
  • It’s going to be delivered to us by tomorrow (Wed) and will be ready for our 9/22 tower raising party


The bad news:

  • The mounting design is weak (photos from Nov 2000 QST Hints & Kinks authored by K9CC)

The photos were taken by  K9CC after his D40 antenna survived Illinois weather for 9 years.

His recommended modification is the Figure 4.

Our clever and multitalented president, Keith KG5HOK has designed 2 alternate solutions (see last two diagrams).

Solution 1 was initially derived.  Solution 2 (alternate method) was an update to minimize potential capacitive coupling effects.





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