Belated W5RRR shack flood status


Our W5RRR shack survived another hurricane with flying colors.

Here’s a photo of the outside a few days after the historical flooding of 40″ that hit the Houston area.

Of sort, it’s a miracle that the JSC area, in general, sustained recoverable water damage across the center and the nearby areas.

However, immediately outside the surrounding 1mile perimeter one could see very uneven distribution of housing that sustained minimal to heavy flood damage.

For the W5RRR shack, water penetrated the front and back door seals and sprinkled a very moist layer of water across our aged carpet.  Unfortunately, this causes mold spores as well as a rich medium for the colonization of mosquitos by the back wall.  Not a new finding since it’s been a problem of the shack and flooding from past experience.  Photos show blowers in place to dry out the carpet.  Pictured are Keith KG5HOK and Chatwin KG5URC who arrived early to monitor the dry out.  Keith has secured an agreement in principle with the Gilruth to replace our treasured carpet with new tiled flooring.  Volunteers are sought to re-house the displaced mosquitos.  And in our backyard, our TH7DX which was being staged for installation onto of the 80′ tower was smartly anchored down on Tanner’s saw horses prior to the hurricane.  Early, we had considered laying the tribander directly on the ground (to mitigate Wizard of Oz wind gust events), but luckily we mounted these above ground.  All is good.

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