Dumb n Dumber

That’s me.  On Saturday Aug 19th, the temperature was formally logged at 98F (Heat Index 103). The W5RRR tower team all worked under the sun for 6 hours. Several had also used Sunscreen and everyone had sun protection hats… except me.
This is kinda a public service announcement and reminder that the Texas rays of warmth takes no prisoners during the lazy unhazy days of summer. Sun protection should include sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and loose apparel that protects the body…
Thanks to Bob and Tanner, we had plenty of water and ice to stay cool and hydrated. Jerry brought healthy kolaches to keep our energy levels at top levels. We also practiced taking a few breaks back in the shack to cool off. Thank goodness that A/C was working fine on Saturday.
For myself, I went home with a headache. My neck was especially burned and I resorted to a cold wash rag, which really helped.



I also spent some extra long time in Section 8 of the frozen food section at Kroger.  I took an exceptionally long time inspecting the frozen pizza and ice cream freezers while enjoying a whole body cool down. Highly recommended.

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