Saturday Aug 20th Tower-Antenna crew (photos)

Here’s a series of photos of the team that came out on Saturday.
CLARC (Kelvin, Levi) teamed up with us (Keith, Larry, Jerry, Bob, Tanner and Dave) and together, we worked all morning thru mid afternoon.
The tower sections are pre-assembled and the TH7DX is pre-assembled as well.  All major work is ready for the Friday Aug 25 big tower/antenna construction event.

President Keith- the first one here at 6:30AM!


Keith and Levi removing the ground protective sheets surrounding the tower.
Levi disassembling the coax connectors from surge connectors at the tower junction box
Levi makes progress. Lots of cables and cords to keep untangled is quite a challenge
Bob, Keith, and Levi reassembly the tower protective sheets
Jerry’s pickup truck is a convenient workbench for the tower pre-assembly.
That’s what I call a TailGate party
Gilruth’s picnic tables are used for the TH7DX buildup
Larry ponders which element is which
Larry, Tanner, Dave preps the pieces by scrubing, acetone wiping, and penetrox coating
Tanner uses a heatgun to loosen two stuck tubing joints
Levi treats the rusted tower panels with phosphoric acid. The acid is a rust converter; it turns iron oxide into iron phosphate which is very stable
Our spaghetti of cables, feedlines, tools, wires, and cords
Kelvin and Larry carefully and meticulously adjust the 7/8″ end pieces of the TH7DX.
The use of a tripod and sawhorse keep the TH7DX stable as its built up
Kelvin, Tanner, Larry, and Dave start assembling
Levi and Jerry manhandle the 45G sections
Bob, Jerry, and Levi carefully inspect and readjust the alignment of the sections
Using a hammer and 2×4, the section assembly is not easy
This is when we discovered that all the stainless boom-element bolts were galled and couldn’t be re-used. ACE hardware to the rescue
The TH7DX assembled and almost ready for hoisting and installation








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  1. It was a very hot day, but I think everyone did a great job on prepping the tower and antenna for this coming Fridays work day.

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