Texas City Tidelands Hamfest 2017


Hamfest pro and salesman par excellence, Ken Goodwin, K5RG,  and our fearless JSCARC president,Keith Grimm, KG5HOK,  led the effort to support the JSCARC at the July 8th Tidelands Hamfest held at the Doyle Convention Center, in Texas City.  With 2 tables for the club and a 3rd table that K5RG funded, lots of donated equipment (thank you Renee Lance) was swapped for cash and helped bolster the JSCARC treasury.

From K5RG, “We made $363.50 at the Hamfest and from my perspective was well worth the effort.  Still have a few DC power supplies.  I will put together a final compilation of what sold and what remains (not much since it easily fit in the Corvette).”

KG5HOK comments: “Thought it was interesting that it ran from 8-2 but everyone started leaving at about noon.  .. It was a great hamfest with a lot of good bargains.

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