Our venerable 80′ tower is aging, but….


Today, JSCARC President, “git ‘er done” Keith, KG5HOK, picked up 60’+ of great condition Rohm 45G tower sections.  Last week, he met a ham who had tower pieces for sale at his Bryan QTH…. so Keith traveled to Bryan today to check it out.

As discussed during our June JSCARC meeting, recent inspections of our 80′ tower revealed unacceptable corrosion on several sections and hardware.  Additionally, we found incorrectly installed brackets and other maintenance needs.  Keith’s efforts will get our tower back in shape. i.e. throw out the bad, and replace with the new.

Keith thinks we might even be able to increase our tower height to 100′ or possibly 120′.  This acquisition includes brackets and hardware.  Note:  the orange tinted sections in the truck photo is paint, not rust.  The condition of the tower sections are rust free and in good shape.  Stand by for a call for volunteers to help refurbish the tower and our antennas/rotor.  Photo below shows monster towers from the previous owner @ Bryan.

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