Field Day Notes- June 23, 2017

Overall, the club has really stepped up in terrific preparations for Field Day


New members have requested/received training/lessons

New antennas have been installed:
– 6-20m Hexbeam
– 40m Double Zepp
– 40m Par End Fed Sloper

New radios have been temporarily brought in:
– Yaesu FT1000MP
– Yaesu FT100D
– Elecraft K2

New computers and SW
– Intel NUCs at every desk
– N3FJP installed and directed to common shared server

Alternate emergency power sources will be used
– Honda EU3000i
– Honda EU2000i x2
– Solar Panel

Cleanup and improvements in shack
– New headsets
– Antenna patch panel updated
– Stationery at each station
– Clocks at each station
– Long tables at front wall for food/coffee
– More Fabreeze to deodorize the smells
– ┬áNew backdoor lock fixed/installed

Cleanup and improvement outside
– Orange warning cones/warning tape to prevent accidents
– Orange plastic fencing control keep out zone for visitors

Gilruth generous cooperation
– Mowed the lawn
– Keeping gates open during night
– Active lights/fans at night for patio area
– Storage yard access

Looking forward for a great time!

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