Pre-Field Day work crew

 N5FWB pretends to build a new antenna from scratch.

Great turnout from club and CLARC to knockout preparations for next week’s FD.

K5KGH, K5DLF,KG5LJZ,N9RCS, N8MTV, KG5HOK, WD8KUJ, N5FWB,  W5OC, Chatwin and Ian Lansdowne (prospective new members).  A new antenna was hung, the tower was scaled, software was checked out, digital modes were demoed, guy wires tightened, cables were rerouted, rigs were tested, the room was reconfigured, and plans/info have been shared and updated.  Congrats to KG6LJZ, Jayant and Ian for their first HF QSO contacts during training session.  Thanks all for the hard work.

N8MTV shows off his digital mode expertise to the rest of us newbies
KD8KUJ and N5FWB take a well deserved breather after working out in the 98 degree Houston weather and hunting down power cables.
KG5HOK help Ian Lansdowne score his 1st ever QSO with W7 station in Washington. What a thrill for Ian!
N9RCS extends out his finger that I (W5OC) accidentally smashed while he was removing the access panel. Sorry Bob!

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