2m Repeater Antenna Fix (JSC Bldg 1)

Keith (KG5HOK) and I were up on the B1 Penthouse roof this morning replacing the W5RRR repeater antenna this morning.  We took down the remaining half of the Hustler G7-144 and replaced it with a nice
and shiny Diamond X700HNA.  

It took us about 1.5 hours and I’ve attached a few pictures, and Keith has a few more to contribute.  SWR measured at the repeater was 1.5, which is within specifications, but still a little higher than I’d expect.  I’m going to attribute it to the coax or my MFJ-259 🙂  Next time we’re up there, we should bring the Bird wattmeter to double check it.

So, we have a good repeater, good backup battery, good antenna – I think the W5RRR repeater is in good shape for local and emergency operations for a while.

73 de John AB5SS

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