EOC/MCC Tuner troubleshooting (JSC Bldg 30)

On June 1, a trip up the roof of Building 30 was made by KG5HOK, N5FWB along with JSC Security.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) antenna wasn’t working, so the guys went up to “coax” the External Tuner to start externally tuning.  With W5OC downstairs at the EOC radio station we tried various attempts to command the tuner to tune.  No joy.  Good news, however: after the external tuner (MFJ 998RT) cover was removed, it revealed that all the internal circuitry looked great with no evidence of water penetration nor burnt up components due to a lightning surge.  Even better, the internal 2 line LED display seemed to be properly working.  Jerry was able to command the electronics to manually bypass the auto tuning mode, but not much progress beyond that.  The external tuner was unbolted, removed and it’s sitting on a bench for a checkout.  There’s a slight glimmer of hope that it may only need a reset of the confused non-volatile memory.  More to report after testing.

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