2020 Houston Marathon Ham Recruitment

The Houston Marathon is quickly approaching, with the We Are Houston Fun Run on Saturday, January 18 and the Chevron Houston Marathon Sunday, January 19. I encourage all hams to volunteer to support these events.

The need is real. To fully staff ham effort requires about 150 hams. The last three years between 101 – 110 hams participated. Currently only 75 – 80 hams have committed for 2020.

Hams must provide their own multi-band radio equipment. Many positions only require the use of a handi-talkie with rubber duck antenna and enough battery power to last the day. Positions located inside vehicles – such as SAG busses – need a suction cup antenna. A mobile radio with portable power supply may also be used in the busses (don’t assume vehicle power is available).

Volunteers can commit to either day or both. On Saturday, we will assemble for packet and credentials pick-up and assignment deployment at 5 am. You should be dismissed about 10 am. The race is an out-and-back one in the downtown area. The Sunday races will be run over two courses. We assemble at 4:30 am. Your position will determine when you will be dismissed. Historically, the latest will be 2 pm, although many will have completed their tour earlier.

Volunteers must register by Thursday, January 9th and must sign up on two websites.

  1. First, register on the www.hmhams.org web site to provide Amateur Radio specific information required for detailed Houston Marathon assignment details
  2. The www.hmhams.org website will direct you to the Houston Marathon website, to complete their volunteer registration form as well.
  3. You must do both
  4. By January 9

Points of Contact:

Lee Gaspard, WA5QXE { wa5qxe@arrl.net ; 713-248-8853 cell}

Frank Robichaux, N5EJX {n5ejx@arrl.net}

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