2019 Houston Marathon – Request for Amateur Radio Volunteers

QST – The Houston Marathon is seeking Amateur Radio Operators to volunteer for the Houston Marathon event for 2019.

The event is on January 20th – soon! – please sign-up promptly if you can.

The 2019 Houston Marathon (SUNDAY, January 20, 2019) needs the participation of over 150 Amateur Radio Operators and other volunteers to provide public service communications and related support. This is the 47th consecutive year for this event.  Last year over 100 communications volunteers helped assure the safety and welfare of the runners and uncounted number of spectators watching the race.  This year, 33,000 participants, 7,500 volunteers, and 250,000 spectators are expected.

Very condensed Houston Marathon Registration instructions:

  1. Register on www.hmhams.org Houston Marathon Hams’ web site to provide pertinent information for Amateur Radio Operator roles.  The site enables one to volunteer by providing Amateur Radio specific information required for a “ham” Houston Marathon assignment.  This site allows you to provide equipment details and to request specific assignments or provide ham radio details not permitted by the official Marathon EMOS web site.  You will receive an email from the web site thanking you and asking you to simply reply back to the hmhams.org website email.  This step insures that your email allows emails from and to the server.  This is important when Amateur Radio related information is being distributed later.The initial acknowledgement email may include instructions on how to register with the Houston Marathon Volunteer web site for Amateur Radio Operators (step two below).
  2. Marathon Volunteer Registration Form using the link with the imbedded ham link code.   Amateur Radio signup for Chevron Houston Marathon’s Volunteer is: https://hou.emos1.com/volunteer/RegisterVolunteer.aspx?code=HAM&eid=12

If you participated last year, when you get to the Marathon’s sign-up page, type your email address first and hit enter.  The web should offer to send you an email with a personal link.  Accept this offer, receive the email, and invoke that new link.  You will return to the registration form with all your information from last year filled in.  Correct and update any out-of-date information, select your HAM position category, complete the legal parts and submit via the red REGISTER button.  You should receive a confirmation email.


If this is your first year, simply fill out the form and submit via the red REGISTER button.  You should receive a confirmation email.


Note “Amateur Radio Operator” positions do not show on the Houston Marathon Volunteer public site and require a special access code of HAM on the regular volunteer page.  This “HAM” code is entered in the “access code if available” box on the Shift application box.  If you use the link above, this is filled out already as shown below.


Points of Contact:

Lee Gaspard, WA5QXE  { wa5qxe@arrl.net ; 713-248-8853 cell}

Frank Robichaux, N5EJX {n5ejx@arrl.net}

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