7/25 W5RRR 60th Anniversary Update

Ken’s (K5RG) vintage 1958 station was successfully moved into the shack.

The radio bench we planned to use for this station (was the IC-781 station) is too small to fit the taller heights of the transmitter and receiver.  The revised plan is to now move the vintage station ontop of the table underneath the W5RRR lettered wall.

We’re going to try to move the large screen TV (thank Kelvin!), behind the console and display a looping powerpoint slideshow.

Now that we’re going to move the vintage station onto the back wall table, we’ll reinstall the IC-781 to accommodate another available HF operating position.

Please note that the Triplexer and bandpass filters will be hooked up to the TH7DX yagi so we can split out 3 independent ports for 10m, 15m, and 20m simultaneous operation.  The Triplexer cannot handle more than 200W peak, so LINEAR AMPLIFIER OPERATIONS IS PROHIBITED on this antenna, otherwise the Triplexer and the filters will be damaged.

Operations have already begun this week.  Several hams have started making commemorative QSOs including SSB, SSTV, and FT8 modes.

Saturday daytime will likely be our busiest time since we posted an JSC Roundup announcement with encouragement for visitors.  If you are in the shack and see a “walk-in” visitor, please extend them a welcome and show them the shack and offer them an opportunity to speak on the air.

Also on Saturday, we may have a JSC professional photographer take a few photos for a potential article that we are discussing with the JSC Roundup editor.

Milt Helfin, a veteran Flight Director for numerous Shuttle mission and past JSC Associate Technical Center Director is tentatively planning to come and operate the vintage station on Saturday.  Please extend him our warmest welcome.  Yes, he’s a ham!

The plans are the raise the Hexbeam tomorrow and let the vintage station use this antenna.  Ken’s going to wire up the station and wake up the electrons. The vintage station will soon be pumping AM and CW through the airwaves.



1 thought on “7/25 W5RRR 60th Anniversary Update”

  1. WOW! 60 years. I have been following the space program since I first heard John Glenn on his 3rd orbit in Friendship 7 over Mexico on, I believe was 15.150 MCS (MHZ now), or there about’s when I lived in Montana. Made first FT8 QSO with W5RRR today on 20 meters. Will have to send of QSL card to add to all the other special QSL cards, including W5LFL that I worked long ago.

    73’s and keep up the good work.

    Ray W7YKN (W 7 You Know Nothing) HI


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