9 thoughts on “Notice: Repeater Tone Changing

  1. We were just talking about whether or not to turn on the TX CTCSS Tone. I’m inclined to say yes and give it a try. I gives the repeater user the option of using the tone squelch feature on their radio, or just use the standard carrier detect squelch.

  2. I especially love if the repeater would transmit the tone which allows me to listen to conversation instead of interference from computers.

  3. The repeater still does not require a tone to access, despite these online notices and reminders on nets for two weeks. So why all the hype/fake news?

  4. Myles – We wanted to get the word out early so folks could get their radios configured before the tone is enabled. I’ve been on travel most of last week and wanted to wait until I was back in town to enable it, in case there were any issues. Anyway, tone access will be enabled tomorrow morning 🙂

  5. So what does this mean in terms of programming my radio? The tone options (none of which make much sense) are: Tone, T Sql, DCS, D Code and T DCS. Using just Tone doesn’t allow programming a Rx CTSS so all indications are that there is 123 Hz signal required for Receive. Looks to me as if T Sql is the correct Tone Mode but the odds are only 0.20 Ken K5RG

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