4/21 HF Triplexer Test #1

The first test of an HF Triplexer in the W5RRR shack was successful.

A Triplexer converts a single user TH7DX tribander to be split out into  3 independent antennas ports on 20m, 15m, and 10m for simultaneous operation.

The Triplexer and 2 bandpass filters were tested this morning, in preparation for Field Day.  Only 15m and 20m bands were tested.  When transmitting on 20m, no obvious modulation interference was heard on the 15m radio (FT1000D).  likewise, when transmitting on 15m, no obvious interference was heard on the 20m radio (FT950).  Peaceful co-existence on a single Yagi- amazing!  Worked a few stateside QSO on 20m using the filter with no issue.  Didn’t get a chance to make a QSO on 15m since the band was completely dead.  No attempt was made on 10m.   These devices are only rated to 200W max, which will work fine since our power output constraint for Field Day will be 150W.  More testing in the next few weeks.

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