4/19 Club Build Nite Fun

A great nite for building AB5SS’ CW Decoder Kit.  As a terrific club effort, supporting roles from AB5SS, N8MTV, W4STU, AB4ME, and W5OC successfully handed out the CW Decoder Kits during the last club meeting and we had a night of group building at the Gilruth on Thursday.  

Our reservations for the Moon Room were apparently lost or miscommunicated, so the room was locked for awhile until the fine folks at Gilruth re-assigned the room to us, unlocked the room, and we shuttled in.  Using cut-up piece of the W5RRR old rug as soldering protective pads, 5 work stations were set up on the desks.  David KG5URA, Carl WD5JRD, Fran KC5JRL, Wayne AB5VR, Ken K5RG, John AB5SS, John Dusl, Jeff AB4ME, and Dave W5OC has a great time building, supporting each other, and having fun with conversations.  John’s design work was fantastic, since none of the built up kits had any issue.  Note: we thought we had one kit bad, but turned out that John’s portable battery test power supply was low.  Once it was hooked up to the walwart, everything started to sing.  What a terrific club project.  Unfortunately, we’re just about sold out of the 19 radios we ordered.  Plans are tentative to purchase the PCBs and sold through the club, but the parts will have to be purchased by the individual.  It was a special treat to watch Carl finish first and then he kindly hung around until 10:00pm to keep us entertained and laughing about his adventures buying up Compaq 1s and his other travels onto offshore platforms.  

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