Emergency Operations Center status

Kudos to David, KB5PGY for his dedicated support representing the JSCARC in our newest EOC support role.  Earlier this year, the JSC EOC needed us to vacate our historical space in the Building 30 EOC room. 

We mutually agreed to continue providing support from the W5RRR shack instead. With this move, the EOC station has been setup and decidated in the shack.   SHared RESources (SHARES) supporting the Department of Homeland Security, and  the NASA-Network supporting EOC for the NASA Agency check-in’s are being supported by David every Wednesday.  Most recently David has been invoking net support using the new MT-63 digital mode check ins in addition to SSB.  He’s been instrumental in helping other NASA center develop and test their MT-63 capability, as seen in this video clip.  The JSCARC continues to seek backup and alternate EOC operators

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