2017 November Phone Sweepstakes Results

Back in November, JSCARC took part in the ARRL Phone Sweepstakes (see ARRL November Sweepstakes Recap). The goal is to sweep all sections (83; this is a multiplier for your total score) and to log as many QSOs as possible.

W5RRR participated in the multi-operator, high power class (“M”).

In the entire field, there were 60 stations who were in this class and we finished 29th with a total score of 108,230. We had thought we worked 81 of the 83 sections; however, we only confirmed 79.

Of the entire field (all classes), there were 1688 stations, and we placed 153.

Looking at the South Texas section (all classes), there were 40 stations and we placed 4th.

In regards to South Texas section and only “M” stations, we placed 1st (there was only 1 station in the category, but hey… it counts!).

All-in-all, it was an extremely fun operating event. Thanks to everyone who came out to operate, log, or just hang out at the shack (including a late night re-fuel from Wendy’s – thanks W5OC).

This event is back on the list for 2018 with the goal of the clean sweep (work all sections) and improve our score!! Be on the lookout later in the year when we start organizing operators and loggers – we hope you’ll join us this year!

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