Rosenberg Hamfest (March 17)

Many thanks to Ken K5RG for spearheading the 2 hamfest tables for W5RRR.  Ken arrived with two young helpers who were neighborhood hams, Oren KG5AXI and Easton KG5VMM.  Ken and his crew used one of the tables to sell equipment that he was kindly helping a friend’s SK.  The proceeds were partically donated to the club, which was such a kind gesture.

The other table (and floor underneath) were stacked with W5RRR shack closet items, like old abandoned UHF antennas, broken rotors, obsolete AZ/EL and packet controllers, etc.  Keith, KG5HOK kindly made a personal trip out to a friend’s house to pickup donations from an SK.  Old heathkit gems!  Bob N9RCS and Christi KG5NQP received some donations from our Building 14 xerox machine technician, which included an old Knightkit radio and an old TenTec Century 21, etc.  I’d venture to say that we have the most eclectic table of junque which offerred something for everyone.  Selling at one of these hamfests is always fun, especially if you are not in love with any of the pieces.  Lots of great junque was sold cheap to young adventurous hams who were just learning how to hoard and build up mighty ham junk boxes.  In addition to the sales fun, many of the club members came by to give us a break and/or to chat.  We also supported a freebie tailgate which gave away our piece parts old coax sections and burnt or oxidized VHF antennas.  There’s nothing like getting free stuff, so we got rid of over 100 lbs of this unused stuff cluttering our shack.  During the event AB4ME was manning the VE exams and AB5SS was balloon launching 2 balloons.  Overall quite a great day.

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