N9RCS Ham Radio Technician Class

Bob N9RCS has been anchoring a weekly ham radio license class.  Held on Wednesday at lunchtime, this endeavor has been hugely successful as his attendee list has been averaging approximately 8 students, but upwards of 15 students have registered and we’re hopeful most will take the upcoming exam to get their licenses and to join the club.

Bob has been providing high quality instruction using the ARRL recommended module classes and powerpoint guides, but he’s been augmenting explanations of some radio theory with his deep technical expertise as the JSC Electro magnetics experts and a past electronics instructor.    The supporting cast of Elmers (AB4ME, KG5TJT, WD9GET, and W9TWJ) have volunteered their mentoring services to some of the students which really add power to the instruction and mentoring from the club.  Bob’s class is over half way over, and he’s going to rely on our club VE’s to help the new students take their tests this month and next.  Future plans includes getting our General Class license started as well as an intensive weekend long Tech Class for those who might want to jump in head first.  All in all, a might fine effort by the club and arguably the single most important contribution by the club.

View photos from this event.

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