W5RRR makeover (in progress!)

Here’s the first glimpse of our newly tiled flooring.

Many thanks to Jerry, N5FWB, who managed to get us this nice upgrade from our ratty carpet.

So, much of the equipment has been moved to a temporary holding room for now.  The tiled floor is now complete, and we’ve decided to paint the walls while the opportunity exists.  Standby for an all hands on deck for painters this week.  This shack refurbishment includes installing 2 donated operations desks from the MCC (thanks AB5SS).  One of the new benches will replace our old Satellite console and the other will be set up as an Emergency Operations Center station, against the wall where the IC-781 current sits.  The remaining 3 wooden benches will be placed side-to-side on the primary wall, while we also shrink and update the patch panel into a smaller footprint that can sit ontop of a bench top.>

The carpet is gone, thank goodness.  I will fondly miss the breeding swarms of mosquitos that lived IN the carpet during the moist humid days during field day preparation.

View photos from the W5RRR Remodel.

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  1. I am glad that I could arrange to get this done at no cost to the club. Sometimes I amaze myself at what I can make happen! LOL


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