KG5NQP, 2M Net Control 1st Timer

Special shout out to Christi, KG5NQP. Christi is a new ham and graciously accepted a quick turnaround need to serve as Net Control for the JSCARC weekly 2m FM Tuesday net. With no experience, nor practice, she bravely accepted the challenge. With a standard script in-hand, she did an awesome job from the W5RRR VHF station.

Here’s the check-in log:
KG5NQP    Christi (Net Control)
KG5HOK    Keith
KG5TJT    Terry
KB5PGY    David
K5DLF     David
W4STU     Stu
W5OC      Dave
KG5TVW    Ben
W9TWJ     Tanner
AB5SS     John
N8MTV     Mike
AB5ME     Jeff
KG5QLA    Ed
AA0G      Chatwin
14 Total Checkins!   Looking forward to seeing Christi and other new members help us manage the JSCARC Tuesday FM Net. 7:00 CT every Tuesday on 146.64 no tone.

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