Brrr…Winter Field Day @ W5RRR Jan 27/28 anyone?

Yep, this is last minute, but one of our NOTA sister stations announced their intent to participate in this less popular operating event. So in the interests of partnership, competition, NOTA presence, and plain good ol’ fun, a modest setup will be made in support of this event.  We’re not going for any big scores nor 24 hour ops, but just to kick the tires and make a few QSOs.  Note: we will NOT operate using any W5RRR shack equipment and we’ll be operating outside of the shack.“We are sure you will find this event a pleasant change and challenge to that of a normal summer time field day.”

Nothing is finalized yet, but thoughts are we’ll bring a single EU2000i generator + 2 rigs + 2 portable antennas, pending interest shown.  Bring batteries operated rigs, if you want.

Interested?  please send me an email to or  

Who:  All and Any licensed JSCARC hams

When:  Jan 27 (Sat) 1pm CST to Jan 28 (Sun) 1 pm CST

Where:  On the Picnic tables by the shack



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