W5RRR has new clothes

On September 22, 2017, the JSCARC members and the JSC Center Operations Rigging Team, successfully replaced our aging 80′ tower and antennas.  Incredibly, within 6 hours, the tower and antennas were disassembled onto the ground, and a refurbished tower with new antennas were installed.  This accomplishment is nothing short of a miracle and it’s an example of terrific teamwork (and heavy lifting!)

We collected a ton of photos.  Here are just a few…

Ken, K5RG, adjusting tower guy wires
Keith, KG5HOK, working on old antenna disassembly
Ken, K5RG, thinking, “I’m glad we have this crane..”
Jerry, N5FWB and Tanner, W9TWJ work with riggers to receive the top section of the tower.



Christi KG5NQP applying some muscle to hacksaw off the stubborn corroded Thrust Bearing. Tanner W9TWJ is the anchor.
Teams working independently in parallel (tower refurb) + removal of old thrust bearing from mast. Ken K5RG, John AB5SS, Jerry N5FWB, Jeff AB4ME, David KG5URA, Dave KB5PGY, Tanner W9TWJ, Keith KG5HOK, Christi KG5NQP, Chatwin KG5URC
Tanner W9TWJ using a ham’s most useful tool: sledge hammer. Elegant removal of a corroded Thrust Bearing assembly from the mast.
Jeff AB4ME, Dave KB5PGY, Joe, and Christi KG5NQP provide significant assistance to the guy on the ground (Jerry N5FWB). Rotor installation is a lot of fun.
Ken K5RG helps riggers lift our new TH7DX off the ground for the crane to carry up.
Keith KG5HOK installs tricky TH7DX Truss Clamp onto the mast.




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