80′ tower climb

a smooth 1 hour duration climb up the ladder on June 31 5PM.

Weather was perfect and breeze was comfortable.

More photos to follow, but the biggest surprise was to find that the pulley holding up the Windom endwise was jammed.

The cord had slipped off the roller and was jammed in-between the roller and the inside shell.  Previously, we thought the pulley was intentionally disabled and tied down permanently.

A couple death defying yanks on the cord freed it up and it’s now hoistable again.

The bad news:  no new findings why the 20m yagi is problematic, altho inspections of new photos might give us more clues.

Took shots of other issues.  Will post in next day or so.  Special thanks to Keith KG5HOK as a perfect ground anchor and Ken K5RG for lots of early guidance on “how not to climb a tower”

I have some lessons learned to share as well.


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