Final Hex Tower Work

KJ4QJW, N9RCS, KG5HOK, W5OC spent Saturday May 27, from 9AM-4PM finishing work making coax and control line connections and the guying down of the crank up tower. Using the in-place coax and rotor control wiring which runs from the tower base to inside the shack, Stu, KJ4QJW, terminated the connections at both end and discovered the “missing” connection lines behind the W5RRR service panel.  Bob, N9RCS, spent his time architecting a solid and safe guying configuration as we decided to limit the height to approx 40′ which adequately clears the surrounding treetops. Keith, KG5HOK, helped finish up the wire clamping and measuring of the laborious placement of wire clamps on our three lines.  AB5SS, John, swung by to help, when we were already done!

The Hexbeam is now available for use.

View photos from this event.

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