AB5SS Observation of UAS photo

, AB5SS, has already keenly spotted some significant items after examine the recent  UAS drone photography.

“… the brackets are clamped to the vertical legs instead of resting on the horizontal braces.  See pic below of how they “should” be installed.  As you might guess, the problem with the way they are installed is they can crimp the legs (although they are thick wall steel tubing), but worse and more likely, they eventually slice down the tower to rest on the bracing, and guy tension is reduced….The factory guy attach link is missing, and the cable is rubbing directly against the attach point bolt (no thimble installed).  I can’t tell if the cable clamps are installed correctly or not…”

Bracket at 40′ with same problems
Bracket at 80′ with problems described above
This is the correct seating for a guy wire bracket.
Another view of a properly installed bracket


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