IC-781 update- Fixed (for a few weeks now)

Updating this Blog subject,…

IC-781 HF transceiver now working fine (fingers crossed) so we’re back to 3x HF radios in the shack.

Insidious R20 fusible resistor kept tricking us into thinking there was a downstream failure embedded in the power line supply.

Turns out that Icom engineers very cleverly designed this inline resistor just below the edge of it’s power handling capacity.

With today’s higher voltages from the wall (120VAC), this 1990s vintage radio simply couldn’t handle the extra stress (note:  line volts used to be 110VAC).

Now using 3W wire wound surge resistor in place of the old 2W version.  Works like a champ.  Time to make QSOs.


-dave W5OC


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