Spring 2024 Student Interns

On Thursday, April 24, Kelvin K5KGH and Jeff AB4ME conducted an Handi-Talkie (HT) orientation overview for 2 of our JSC Student Interns.

This was an important lesson covering the use of their HTs and how to navigate the operational radio protocols in support of a directed net.  In this case, it was an essential preparation and orientation for the May 45h Aliens v Astronauts 5K race.

The information provided by Kelvin and Jeff reminds us that the proper traffic procedures and etiquette is not intuitive- complicated at times unless you are a regular support team member.

Due to the end of the students’ busy schedule as they are finishing their semester work projects, we only had Zane and Eric attend with planned support of this training session.

Of note, however, we licensed 8 Student Interns this semester- a great accomplishment.


Many thanks to Kelvin and Jeff, and the other supporting members who have helped inspire, guide and license this semester’s JSC student interns.

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