IC-9700 New Addition to the Shack!

Post by AB5SS Jan 21, 2024
Editor’s Note:  In November, the club voted to replace our aging TS-2000 VHF/UHF radio with a new IC-9700.  Our treasurer Ken K5RG quickly procured the radio and delivered it to the shack in November while it awaited AB5SS’ installation efforts
…I had some time this afternoon so I ventured down to the shack to swap out the TS-2000 for the shiny new IC-9700. First I swapped out the headset microphone element and adapter cable. Next was removing the TS-2000, rotor control interface, rig control I/F, phone patch mess, etc. So yes, we don’t have ARISS capability right now…future work to restore it. But, if ARISS is going to Zoom or other group chat/conferencing methods, we may not need the old analog phone.  
Next was unpacking the S.A.T. Controller and figuring out how to install/configure it.  As advertised, it was super simple to setup.  And it even has an “Auto Calibrate” feature for the G-5500 rotor controller.  20 minutes later I was tracking the ISS & trying to make a QSO, which failed as I think I didn’t have enough power or the tone wasn’t on or something.  Anyway, it worked.  
Still need to play with it and make a few QSO’s on the birds.  And add the USB cable between the PC & IC-9700 so we can take advantage of the internal sound card for digital QSO’s.  Need to make a video to show folks how to use the new rig :). 
Attached are before & after pics.  
73 de John

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