2023 Safety and Health Day

On Wednesday, November 1, JSCARC hosted a table at the annual JSC Safety and Health Day program, where hundreds of JSC NASA employees and their contractors stood down to ingest presentations and venues that coveyed the importance of working and living under the umbrella of wellness.

Our JSCARC representatives, Jerry N5FWB, Dave KB5PGY, David KG5URA, and Jeff AB4ME anchored down the table with plenty of active radios including GoBoxes, battery powered radios, emergency portables, and quick setup antennas.  This year, our JSC Ham Radio Student Interns graciously volunteered their time to help promote ham radio from the perspective of an new early career person to the hobby.  Dominic (KJ5DAF) and Raul, just received their tickets last week, and Sarah will be taking her exam in 2 weeks.

KG5URA commented:

We had an amazing crowd!  Lots of interest by the regular employees so I started writing our website and email address on the handouts to contact us for information on getting licensed.

I mentioned that we need a good club informational handout for soliciting membership.

Good club turnout and had a good time!

Thanks to Danielle KI5LQT and Jeff AB4ME for the photos.

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