Looking for Field Day GOTA visitors/participants


The objective of ham radio’s Field Day is to promote public service and outreach. 

** See our Field Day Flyer, click HERE

We want to fulfill this responsibility by giving some special hands-on experiences for young & old visitors, as well as for inexperienced licensees (e.g. newly licensed or inactive) who haven’t had a good chance to operate.

We’ll be operating a dedicated GOTA (GET ON THE AIR) station designated to let inexperienced visitors or past hams operate and make a few QSO during Field Day.

Do you know of anyone who might be interested in scheduling a visit on June 24-25?

  • Family (kids, spouses, relatives) and friends
  • Students/Interns (College, Highschool, intermediate, elementary)
  • Organized groups (Scouts, 4H, makerspace, Hamsters, clubs)
  • Recently licensed hams
  • Licensed hams but not very active

If so, on behalf of the club, please reach out to them and if they’re willing, we can reserve an time slot for hands-on operations on our special GOTA (GET ON THE AIR) station, as well as a walking tour of our Field Day radio stations setup across the Gilruth campus on June 24-25.

Kelvin Hickman, K5KGH, will be the Field Day Coordinator for this special outdoor GOTA station.  He will provide clear and easy to learn instruction and mentoring to let anyone have a chance to communication on-the-air on this special stations during Field Day.

Danielle Plauche, KI5LQT, will be available to greet a visiting group and provide a walking tour of the W5RRR Field Day operations which will be spread across the Gilruth Fields radio room (hamshack) and the Digital Village @ the BlueBonnet Pavilion and the CW (Morse Code) Village @ the Live Oak Pavilion.

Send us an email w5rrr@w5rrr.org to describe some potential visitor(s) attendees 

Or you can fill out this form HERE


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