POTA #10 Part II (Kites)

N5LOW and KG5URA plan to set the bar with kite antennas for this upcoming POTA activation on March 11.

N5LOW already had huge success last month, using his kites and a 20m end fed half wave wire antenna.  He noted that the kite lift was poor and better lift would have given the antenna some more elevation and stability.  So both he and KG5URA did online research on ham kite antennas.  Both intrepid hams plan to fly “improved” kites this weekend.

KG5URA plans to fly a French Military Lifting kite


Kite specs:

  • This French Military kite is a solid & steady flier 
  • Great for lifting tails & line laundry
  • Assembles quickly with just one spreader rod across the back
  • Handles a wide range of winds
  • Wind range: 5 to 25 MPH
  • Made of durable nylon with a fiberglass frame
  • 3 1/2 ft. tall x 3 1/2 ft/ wide
  • 3 foot tail & nylon storage bag included

His research also identified the proclivity of static buildup.  Remedy?  Using a high valued bleeder resistor!  1M 5W.


N5LOW did the same in his configuration.  Terry wil be bringing his new kite which measures 2.5m x 0.8m.  A *huge* kite!

His measurements shows the 1M resistor doesn’t affect his antenna performance