$5 Morse Code Key Kit (by AB4ME)


To purchase (JSCARC members only), please authorize your PayPal remittance of $5 / kit to http://paypal.me/w5rrr/5

This is another JSCARC initiative to encourage hams to (re)learn morse code.  Additionally, this is an example of creative processes to design, develop, build and test our ham radio accessories.

Jeff AB4ME is offering his 3D printing expertise to produce a $5 Morse Code (CW) key offering to JSCARC club members.

The finish is a high resolution gray color and extremely well printed. It measures approximately 2.5″ long, 1″ wide,  1″ high.  They knob is generously wide at ~ 1.25″ diameter, with a smooth gradual large dimple depression for index finger placement.  There are 2 holes at the base for mounting this key to a larger heavier baseplate, if desired.

The up/down play is controlled with a spring at the base of the cantilever and an adjustable set screw.  The key action is very smooth and deliberate, and it feels frictionless.  There’s no discernible play on the sideways axis- it’s simply a great key.

The key come with a ~1′ pigtail cable with a 3.5mm (1/8″) stereo plug which is compatible with most moden radio sockets for CW.  If you need a longer length cable, you’ll need to buy an audio extension cable, widely available on Amazon or Ebay.

The kit will be pieceparts including the 3D printed materials, hardware (screws/spring/washer) and a  3.5mm (1/8″) plug on an open-ended cable, which will require wire stripping/attachment to the key screw contacts.

  • (note: photos shown above will differ from final kit)

We are taking orders for these keys now.

To purchase, please authorize your PayPal remittance of $5 / kit to <no longer available>

You’ll be contacted 1) to confirm your remittance was received and 2) later when the kits are packaged and ready for pickup at the W5RRR shack.  
* Jeff will be building these up as orders are received, so please be patient since it takes a bit to get them ready

Contact me for alternate means to deliver the kits to you, if needed.

73 Dave W5OC

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